Another quick dinner fix

An other evening when I needed a quick fix for dinner (to be honest it's almost every day!!), thus a "one plate" and a happy husband!
In these situation quinoa is particularly adequate because you can cook it very quickly, it's full of proteines, so perfect for my almost veggan diet.
I quickly cooked red quinoa, and added a bit of raw avocado, a slice of wild smoke salmon (not mandatory, it can go veggan), some sprout and young leafs, and a few brocoli that were just 2min in steam (you can steam them on top of the quinoa). For seasoning a bit of lemon juice, olive oil (olives from Provence), salt and pepper. Always simple, always delicious. Plates ready to eat in less then 10 min for 2 (the quinoa os basically what takes the longest but you're free handed in the mean time!).

My version of vegetable soup

Japanese room in Paris