Fruits from the garden in various forms

We're lucky to have a garden full of trees and flowers that grow without too many difficulties. Every year at every season there is something to pick in the garden. Last week I just picked the last tangerine, now we have plenty of a sort of grapefruit (a little more sour). This year they are particularly soft and sweet so they are delicious in juices and hot lemonade.
This morning I just picked one for some fresh squeezed juice.

Yet, there are so many of them that marmalade is always a good way to enjoy them all year long.

For the recipe I use a British one of course (from the Guardian) a little modified since the fruits from the garden are not oranges, 1kg of brown sugar, 700g of fruits, 1.25L of water. Depending on how it sets I usually add some apple pips, this time it was not necessary. It made 7 jars. Can't wait to try it with some good home-made bread!

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