Lunch time

I've always hated cafetaria for lunch. The single idea of taking food on a tray disgusts me. I don't have much time to go out for lunch, or I could take it but most of the time after lunch outthen I feel sleepy the whole afternoon. So I've always turned around the problem by either bringing my lunch from home,buying  something on the way, and since in Japan I've always had access at work to a fridge and a sink, so I often prepare my own luch on the spot. Always something very simple.

Recently I really like to use bagels or fresh bred I can buy on my way in the morning. When it's tome to est, I fill it with a bit of cream cheese, avocado slices, baby leaf salad, cherry tomatoes... And in less then 5 minutes it's ready!!!

Bon appetit!

The seven herbs rice

年賀状 - new year's card