Quick dinner fix

It is very often that we come back home quite late from work, starving and tired. In that case I like to prepare what Japanese call a "one plate". It is usually a composition of several unrelated elements all combined in one plate. In some restaurants the one plate can cover from starter to dessert!!! I don't go that far, but it is a nice way to fix rapidly something for dinner. 
This time it was awfully simple: and colorful: baby leaf salad with a bit of olive oil, red cabbage+carrots+linseed (I shredded roughly the cabbage and carrots and because it's winter and cold I wanted something warm to eat I cooked them 5min rather than serving them raw), some fresh delicious "katsu" from Saboten*.
* Saboten (http://www.ghf.co.jp/saboten_rest/) is a shop that sells "katsu" in various forms. They have a lot of veggie: asparagus, potato croquette, edamame, and porc: tonkatsu, hirekatsu... They are made on the spot, ingredients are chosen carefully, menu changes with season and they are always yummy. They have a few antenna shops in town. Since I never fry at home, it is a good option once in a while, and I know some that are always happy with these, but it means leaving work no mater than 21:00, if not there's nothing remaining...

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