Breakfast with twisted orange bread, whole grain bread and smoothie

With Prunellia and Aurore visiting us I'm preparing a few samples of what we like to eat. The rice bowl with salad-acocado-tuna topping (see Prunellia's post), nabe, cookies, smoothie, breads...
For breakfast I asked them to pick one bread they wanted to eat and they decided for a twisted orange bread. Excellent pick for breakfast!
This bread is a little sweet, with orange peels and orange blossom water. (250g of flour; 155g of water; 12g of dry sourdough; 2g of yeast; 20g of sugar; 5g of salt; 12g of butter; 12g of orange blossom water; 45g sugared orange peels. Mix everything together, until smooth, then prepare like regular bread, only in the end you twist the dough and bake in a buttered pan with a lid for 30min at 220deg.)

I also made a whole grain bread too (see previous post), and a green melon-pineapple-strawberry smoothie.

We ate the breads just out from the oven with homemade marmalade and butter. Deliciously warming on a rainy Sunday morning! 

Stamped butter cookies

Rice with surprising top