Burdock soup, grilled mochi and na no hana scrambled eggs

Though it is slowly getting warmer it's still not yet spring. A warm soup for dinner is still very much welcome!
This time I made for the first time gobo (burdock) soup with some grilled mochi (rice cake) and accompanied it with a little na no hana scrambled eggs. 
Gobo are long thin roots with a taste close to artichokes but slightly more bitter and are supposed to be rich in potassium.
For the soup after peeling the burdocks I let them dip into fresh water for 15min, then boiled them 30 min after changing the water (it removes the bitterness). I then remove the water and add fresh water again. Blend well until liquid. Finally when eating the soup I added some vegetable consommé, and pepper. Grilled a rice cake in the oven and serve together.
For the scrambled eggs I just put a little of olive oil in a frypan, added washed and cut na no hana, then eggs, and finally soya sauce.

Kappabashi dori - 河童橋通り

Nabe four hands