Today is French "crepe day" called Chandeleur. I'm not sure I'm gonna make any tonight because I'll be back from work quite late tonight. Yet I cook crepes and pancakes very often recently and in many different versions: changing the flour type, egg/no egg, milk/water...
This recipe is one I like to prepare for myself when I manage to have lunch at home.
I use a mix of chesnut flour and of corn starch, some baking powder, one egg and a bit of water to make the dough for the pancake. I baked it in olive oil in a small fry-pan on one side only, thick enough and covered the top side with 1/2 fresh mozarella, 1/2 fresh large very riped tomato. Seasonned with thyme, salt and pepper. And ready to eat in less then 10min!


Ginger and pork