Nabe four hands

After a cold day walking accross rice paddies, nothing better than a good nabe, home made of course. 
Nabe is a traditional Japanese soup with vegetables (Chinese cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, leeks...), tofu (here we have yuzu tofu), shitaki (white Japanese konyaku pasta) and fish cut in small peaces (or meat, as you like).
In a big pot, on a fire in the center of the table, add the vegetables to the konbu and katsuo dashi bouillon. 
Then, add tofu, pasta and fish (and if you like small shells). You can also go for a 100% vegan version, delicious too.

When it's cooked, everyone can help himself directly in the big pot. Add a drop of ponzu sauce, if you like you can add grilled mochi, rice to put inside and Bon appetite!
Made together by Prunellia and Gentiane!

Burdock soup, grilled mochi and na no hana scrambled eggs

Stamped butter cookies