Oat bran mini pancakes

Sometime it's nice to have a drink and a few snacks to go with but no junk, no nuts nor cherry tomatoes...
As I mentioned the other day, I quite addicted to making pancakes and similars. It's really super simple, it takes a few minutes and it is possible to create any variation. So today I made some salty oat bran mini pancakes to top it with whatever you have: here melted cheese and French pâté (not for me the pâté of course!!).
The base for the pancakes is made of plain flour, oat bran, baking powder, salt and water. I adjust the quantities of flour and water to obtain a not too smooth mixture so that when I bake it in the pan the shape won't collapse and I don't need circles.
And you, what kind of pancake addict are you?

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