Technicolor dinner

I'm in love with this purple sweet potatoes (murasaki imo). They make every plate instantly look so much different, so much illuminated!!! 
Here for dinner, sliced with just some cabbage and carrots, and cooked simply with a bit of olive oil. You can eat it as a main dish (what I usually do) or as a side.
I also come with the idea that a bit of consomme with it will make a great soup, or with some Carnerolli rice or Arborio rice that'd make an awesome risotto. So I tried the risotto, except that I was running out of cabbage, so replaced it by brocoli and diced the carrots and sweet potatoes instead of slicing them. Taste wise it was delicious, but I admit that pictures of risotto never look too good!!!
(Hint to keep the rice white: cook separately the sweet potatoes and add them in the end, if not the purple color will transfer to the rice)

Stuffed cabbage

Italian saltimbocca