Turnips filled with miso and pork

Sunday as a side dish of the buta shoga yaki I prepared an experimental recipe of some turnips filled with a mixture of miso and pork. This idea comes from two Japenese dishes, one is quite classical: boiled daikon in dashi topped with chicken and miso (for the recipe please contact me), the other is more refined and learned it at the cha-kaiseki cooking class (I'll write more about that soon and introduce some recipes) I used to take, we once prepared some turnips filled with a mixture of shrimps. Actually I wanted to repriduce that dish, but I find it extremely difficult to find good shrimps (by "good" I mean wild shrimps that haven't grown in shit-pools, sorry for being gross!). Being unable to find what I was looking for I decided to take the safe path and go with some Isumi pork (again...). That being decided the recipe needed to be adjusted.
I peeled the turnips (they were rather small ones), boiled them in salted water but could have been dashi, until soft (use a little wood toothpick to check), then removed a bit of the top and cut the base to make them stand. In a bowl I mixed the grinded pork meat with miso (with a ratio of about 1/5 of miso for meat). Then with a spoon I filled the turnips, lined them in an oven dish and baked them until the filling was well cooked. It's better to serve them while hot. Since the turnips were small it made a lovely one bite size.

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