Nori-Cup Quinoa by Shotaro our "Special Guest" of the month

Nori-Cup Quinoa by Shotaro our "Special Guest" of the month

Hi, I am Shotaro. A friend of Prunellia and Gentiane.
I am a japanese man living in Munich, Germany.

I go back to Japan on a once a year basis, and bring back some japanese foods: green teas, soup sock packs or dried mushrooms etc…

Sweets are gone in a month, but these groceries often remains still after a year.
Then I start cooking more japanese dishes to finish them, just before the next visit.

So I have now a pack of Nori Sheets, but don’t feel like to make Sushi.

Today I made quinoa bakes wrapped in Nori cups.

The idea is to put down Nori sheet in a muffin form and fill with quinoa mixture and bake.
Quinoa mixture could be with anything, but I went this time with Wafu (à la japonese) ingredient : Onion, Shiitake, Ginger, Miso and Walnuts.

I was not sure if Nori keeps shape, but it worked well !

Next time, I will brush on top with soy sauce at the last few minutes in oven for a stronger taste.

Short Recipe:
- Brush the form with sesame oil.
- While cooking Quinoa, soften Nori sheets with steam, and put in the form.
- Make filling : Cooked quinoa, Egg, Onion, Shiitake mushroom, Walnuts, Ginger, Miso, Pepper, Flour or Bread Crumbs
( I used 150ml dry quinoa and 1 egg for 6 pieces )
-Pour in the mixture in nori cups and bake for 20-25 min/190C.
-Top with some spring onions, chives, sesame etc...

*Eat with a hand. Nori is a bit difficult to cut with a knife.


One-plate dinner

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