Kabocha pudding

Kabocha pudding

During my stay in Tokyo this fall, it was perfect to eat kobocha every day and in every kind of meal. I love kabocha, I can find it in paris, but not for a long time. So in Tokyo I tried every meal with kabocha ( cookies, ice cream, nabe...) but the best one I had was the kabocha pudding, the one I have in Coreddo place.  

I tried to find a recipe for you: 

200g of kabocha squash

200ml of milk

50g of sugar

2 eggs

100ml heavy cream

Start by making some caramel with water and sugar, and once ready set in the pan or cup you want to use to serve the pudding. These must be oven proof.

Remove the flesh from the kabocha, slice off its thick skin, cut into 2 cm cubes, wrap in plastic wrap, and microwave until soft (about 5 minutes). Or steam it until soft.

Add the kabocha, along with the milk, sugar into a food processor, and blend until smooth (2-3 minutes). The sugar will dissolve easily from the heat of the kabocha.

Once it has become a smooth cream, add cream, eggs, and pulse in 10 second intervals 3 times. Now the pudding mixture is done. Pour the mixture directly from the food processor, using a strainer, into the pan with the caramel.

Preheat an oven to 340°F/170°C, and bake submerged in a pan of hot water for 40-50 minutes. It is done once you poke it with a toothpick and it comes out clean.

In Japan pudding are almost always served in the dish they have been baked though in Europe we usually flip the pudding and serve with ghe caramel on top. 

Just add some seeds and dry fruits on the top and it's the perfect dessert.  


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