Vegan patties and cumin baby spinach

I got a nice bunch of fresh baby spinach at the farmers market and wasn't sure about what to do about it. A salad of course, but lately evenings have been chilly and I wanted to eat something warm. Yet not completly ruined them: like in a tart or in an omelet. So I just washed them and steam them for a few minutes, add some cumin piwder and cumin seeds, that's it!  I served it with some ripe and sweet tomatoes diced and some grilled cereals patties. Here I use a vegan burger mix. I usually don't use these kind of products and I should work on my own mix but really this vegan burger mix, slightly spicy is really good, I just don't look at what are the ingredients inside for once!!

I didn't use any seasoning with the tomatoes because they are ripe, juicy and swwet, just on the side a bit of curcuma powder and salt and pepper.

Spring donburi

Spring donburi

Vegan pizza