Sweet potato soup

Sweet potato soup

To be honest, I tried this soup in a very nice restaurant Uma (rue saint Honoré, Paris) and it was so delicious I wanted absolutely do it at home. It was easy to create a recipe with the flavor I could identify.  

For the soup, you need: 

- 2 or 3 big sweet potatoes   

- 25cl of coconut milk

- fresh ginger grated

- a big spoon of sesame seeds  

- 20cl of liquid cream  

- salt

- pepper

- few slice of nori

- a small cup of hazelnuts roasted and crushed 

Cook the potatoes just with water and salt. Mix them with the coconut milk, the ginger, salt and peper.  

In a pan, put the sesame seed and the cream. When it's hot, let infuse for 15-20 minutes. And with a strainer, you have to separate the cream from the sesame. And then beat the cream to make foam. 

In a nice bowl, serve the soup, add the foam and sprinkle the top with few hazelnuts and the nori.  

It's cold! Let's eat fukinoto curry!!!

It's cold! Let's eat fukinoto curry!!!

Matcha meringues- 抹茶メレンゲ

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