After a week in Sicily, and a lot of good diners, I found the recipe of the Sicilian cannoli  (thanks to Katia our Sicilian helper). 

The more difficult is the biscuit, in Sicily you can find some already prepared. Make it mixing:

350 gr flour
1 egg
1 spoon of cocoa
3 spoons of sugar
60 gr butter
1 spoon of white vinegar 

Make small crepes, and fry them, roll on a metal tube.  

For the cream inside, mix:

- 250 g of ricotta  

- 20 cl of liquid cream in chantilly

- 2 or 3 spoons of white sugar  

- zest of lemon

- cinnamon  

With a socket pocket, put the cream inside the tubes. And add some cruched pistachios. 

Kabocha-mushroom risotto

Kabocha-mushroom risotto

My Japanese style vegan soup

My Japanese style vegan soup