Ginger bread

Ginger bread

A good gingerbread is so good in winter with a cup of tea when it's cold outside. I found different recipes and mix them to create mine. 

It's simple but need a lit of different ingredients, for exemple I made orangettes this summer, and use them for the ginger bread, and a friend gave me candied ginger (but you can find it in organic stores):

- 100g flour

- 25g ryes flour (or better hazelnut flour)

- 125 g of a very good and tasty honey   

- 75g of milk

- 1 egg

- 1 big spoon of cinnamon 

- lemon zest

- fresh ginger (grated)

- 1 spoon of 4spices powder

- 1 spoon of baking powder 

- orangettes

- candied ginger

 You just have to mix all the ingredients and put in a cake dish. 

In the oven for 1 hour (150deg) 

Just brush at the end with milk. 

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