Cheese tarte (tarte au fromage blanc)

Cheese tarte (tarte au fromage blanc)

Since I'm 10 years old, I've been making cakes. I love to make cakes, every kind of cakes: simple ones like yogurt cakes (my grand father was my first fan for them), chocolate cake, pear tart, madeleine, matcha chiffon cake...  

This time, I decided to make a "tarte au fromage blanc", it's a little bit like a cheese cake in a tart.  

First you have to make the tart (you can use your own recipe of shortcrust pie pastry), or use this one:

- 125g of flour

- 70g of butter (I always use salted butter)

- 1 egg

- a little bit of water

Mix all the ingredients, make a ball, put it in the fridge for 15 minutes, then spread it and put in the mold.  

For the cream: 

- 100g of "fromage blanc" 

- 15cl of liquid cream

- 3 eggs

- 80g of brown sugger

- 1 spoon of flour

- zest of lemon  

- vanilla  

Separate the white of the eggs and whisk them until they form peaks.

Mix the other ingredients and add the  white eggs.  

Put this preparation on the pie pastry, in a hot oven (180) during 35 minutes.  

Let it cool. Sprinkle with icing sugar. 

Bon appétit  

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