Pistachios cake

Pistachios cake

Back from Sicily, with a lot of pistachio in my bag. It's easy to find pistachio in Sicily, powder pistachio, mixed pistachio, pistachio cream pasta (like Nutella but not with chocolate only pistachio), grilled pistachio, in a word pistachio in all possible forms!


So back in my kitchen, on Sunday, I usually make a small cake, simple one, but always perfect for teatime. This time, of course I decided to make one with my beautiful pistachios.  

The base of the recipe is like a classic yogurt cake: 

- 1 pot of pistachio yogurt (you can also use vanilla yogurt) 

- 3 eggs

- 1 big spoon of baking power

- 1 pot of mixed pistachio   

- 1 post of pistachio cream

- 2 pots of flour   

- 1 pot of sugar   

- 1/2 pot of oil

- 1 drop of salt

You mix all the ingredients. And in the oven for 20-30 minutes (180). 

It's time for tea and pistachio cake! 

Sakura rice

Sakura rice

To Osaka!

To Osaka!