Shiitake and spinach quiche

Shiitake and spinach quiche

This is the end of winter, but it is still chilly and though the spring greens are quite attractive, sometimes a good all winter quiche with spinach and shiitake is a perfect dinner. And because I find that a short movie is easier to understand the technique than long sentences I am trying again to make videos of the cooking process. Tell me how you like it. I'm craving to know your opinion to improve from your feedbacks! 

Spinach and shiitake quiche: 

For the quiche crust

- 160g of flour

- 20g of wheat bran

- a pinch of salt

- 1 egg

- 40g of butter

- a bit of water eventually  

In a bowl mix all the ingredients and knead until the dough is soft. Add water or a bit of flour to adjust the hydration level. In a floured top roll the dough to the size of your pie dish. 

For the filling

- 3 eggs

- 20cl of milk

- spinach to your liking 

- shiitake to your liking

- salt, pepper

Wash and blanche the spinach. In a bowl beat the egg, the milk and yhe salt and pepper. Set in the dough. Wash and slice the shiitake. Add the spinach and shiitake.

Bake at 170deg for 30min (the cooking time depends on the depth of the filling) or until golden.

Have a nice week!!!! 

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