Goat cheese feuilleté

Goat cheese feuilleté

A quick and easy recipe perfect with a salad. 

I know it's simple because in France it's easy to find good "pâte feuilletée" in all supermarkets. But you can ask to your bakery for 200/230g of fresh pate feuilletée (pastry dough) also or make it. 

For 4 people: 

- 200g pate feuilletée (pastry dough)  

- 200g fresh spinach   

- goat cheese like "bûchette " 

- basil

- pepper and salt

- one egg yolk

Roll out the dough. Separate it in 4 squares.  

Put the fresh spinach just cooked 3 minutes in boiling water and well drained. Cut the cheese in 4 parts. Add salt, pepper and few leafs of basil. 

Close each one dough and brush with the egg yolk. 

In the pre-heated oven at 180deg, bake for 15 minutes.  

Bon appétit.  

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