KitchenGalerieBis - KGB

KitchenGalerieBis - KGB

Probably one of my favorite best restaurants in Paris. I think, lucky I am, I go there once a month at least. This restaurant is amazing and I love its fusion food Asian-French (from every part of Asia, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and more).

The concept is simple: one menu with 4 hors d'œuvre, one or 2 main dishes and one dessert (but you can ask for two half to try 2 desserts!) 



The hors d'œuvre are beautiful, tasty and there is always a "soup" (the chef has written a very nice recipe book only on broths).  

You don't choose anything for the staters but you can tell what you don't like. Last time I went there with Gentiane (Tokyo Paris sisters in Paris) and our husbands, and she asked not for this or this, or that... (she is very complicated with food), we had completely different hors d'œuvre, and every one was happy.  

The place is also very nice, in a quiet street, just few steps from St Germain des près.  

Each time it's a wonderful moment I have there, and of course a perfect diner.  

I hope you can try and enjoy KGB soon.  


TPS at the KGB

You can also try the Kitchen Galerie, its big sister 😉 

25 rue des Grands Augustins
75006 Paris

Barley risotto

Barley risotto