Ceviche inspire by Patka restaurant

Ceviche inspire by Patka restaurant


During my recent trip to Barcelona, I had the chance to try an wonderful restaurant mixing Japanese and Peruvian food (see post).  

I had a ceviche as I like, only few ingredients, but amazing taste. I decided to make it at home. The most complicated is to make the sauce and the corn (it was like simple corn seed but inside it was like a popcorn!)

For 4 people: 

- 400g of fresh bonito

- 1 avocado

- 1/2 sweet potatoe

- 30 pieces of corn

- few slices of nori

- 1 glass of mango juice

- soy sauce

- Japanese pepper  

Begin By mashing the baked sweet potatoe and add half of the mango juice and the spicy pepper. Fry the corn, it doesn't matter if you have popcorn, it will be good also.

For the sauce, mix the rest of the mango juice with the soy sauce and the Japanese pepper.  

Cut the bonito in small cube, the same for the avocado.  

Dress like on the picture, first the sauce, then the fish, the avocado, 3 small spoons of sweet smashed potatoe, the popcorn and end with the nori.  

Bon appétit  


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