Probably one of my favorite desserts and of my son too, so every time we go to an Italian restaurant, I told him not to have a tiramisu for dessert because I can make it at home.  

I think there is not a dessert as simple as this one that can impress like a dessert from a great chef. 

For 6 people, you need: 

- 250g of mascarpone   

- 100g of sugar

- 4 big fresh eggs

- 1 large cup of hot strong coffee

- 20/25 biscuits à la cuillère  

You separate the yolks and the whites of the eggs. You mix the yolks with the sugar, then with the mascarpone. 

You mix the white in a hard mousse. And you add this to the first mixture. Mix slowly.  

You soak the biscuit, one by one in the coffee, and put into a nice dish (remember the tiramisu will be served directly in this dish). 

You roll out a layer of cream mix. Then you put again a layer of biscuits soaked in the coffee and a last layer of cream mix.  

Put in the fridge for almost 4 hours.  

Sprinkle cocoa powder generously on top one hour before serving.  

Bon appetit.  

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