Galette des rois - pistachio

Galette des rois - pistachio

The first Sunday of January is the days of the « Épiphanie « , day of the kings, day for the galette. In the south of France, the traditional one is like a big ring brioche with candied fruits and big Cristal sugar, but in Paris, the traditions is a frangipane.

if you can find the puff pastry, at your bakery or super market, it’s not complicated. If you have to make it, it’ A bit longer. 


You need: 

- 2 circles slices of puff pastry

For the crème pâtissière : 

- 2 yellow eggs

- 15g maïzena 

- 40g sugar

- vanilia

- 20g butter

- 200cl of milk

You mix the yellow eggs with 20g of sugar, the maïzena, the vanilla. Heat the milk with 20g of sugar. Add the first preparation, heat again, until it becomes thicken. Than add the butter.  

For the almond-pistachio cream:

 - 1 egg

- 50g almonds

- 50g pistachios

- 1 spoon of pistachio cream (if you don’t have it, it’s not a big deal)

-80g butter

- 100g icing sugar

Mix the pistachios and that almonds. Add all the other ingredients.

Then mix the crème pâtissière with the almond-pistachio cream.

On the first circle of dough, plaster on the cream. Don’t forget to put a « fève » because without fève no king or queen. Put the second dough and draw, delicately with a folk on the top. Brush thé to with 1 yellow egg and a bit of water. 

Min the oven at 180 during 30 minutes.

Bon appetit.

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